Welcome to BGSM,
a multidisciplinary active team that
loves sports management as much as practice it.


BGSM is your strategic partner for the best sports service.


Barcelona Global Sports Management specializes in offering integral services within the sports sector. We can provide services from the initial stage with strategic advising to the inauguration and the facility management and post sales service.

BGSM provides global management for sport facilities, for both public and private sector, federations, schools, universities …

Our values

Customer Service We aim to stablish long-term relationships, with solid projects and quick and effective resolutions.
Quality and Commitment Standardisation of the entire process; understanding the promoter’s requirements; and project implementation in a safe, planned and controlled approach.
Efficiency From an economic, sport, social, energy and environmental point of view.
Innovation and technology We are committed to preserving the environment and applying innovative technologies for all our projects.


Barcelona Global Sports Management is a multidisciplinary team with a wide experience in the field of sports facilities led by the companies Fluidra, Llop Gestió and Salter, and other companies, which are part of Indescat (the Sports Catalan cluster) such as: sports managers, architects, engineers, fitness equipment producers, swimming pools and wellness manufacturers, experts in economic and energy management and in sports facility management.

BGSM have more than 40 years of worldwide experience and with a vast and consolidated trajectory.

Integral services

We are not only consultants, but we are also sports equipment manufacturers and manage facilities.

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01. Business Planning and Strategy

At BGSM, we offer sports facilities advisory and sports facilities management.
Our services are:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Market research; evaluate the needs and assess the opportunities
  • Development of strategic sports plan
  • Development of business plan.

Our projects can be for:

  • Sports Facilities (indoor or outdoor)
  • Fitness clubs
  • Hydraulic Facilities. We deliver solutions for the conservation, handling, treatment and enjoyment of water, and we are one of the world leaders in the manufacture and distribution of solutions for pools and wellness, water treatment, irrigation and fluid handling.

02. Design Consulting

We can provide a design with a clear understanding of the space requirements, functional advances, accessibility, usability, energy efficiency and performance standards to be efficiently operated.

  • Integral Design of the Sports facility. We collaborate with architects specialised in sport facilities.
  • Equipment rooms Design.
  • Design of Swimming pools.
  • Design of Spa and wellness areas.

03. Sports and Fitness equipment

We offer both technical advice for the purchase of equipment, and we are also manufacturers and distributors of our own equipment so we can study and adapt perfectly to the customer’s needs and help for the right equipment decision, and offer the latest innovations, equipment specifications, fitness rooms equipment layout…
For the hydraulic facilities, we deliver value-added products that save water and energy, are easy to use and fulfil sustainability criteria. We can provide solutions and equipment physio-mechanic and chemistry for hydraulic infrastructures and water treatment solutions.

04. Management

We offer facility operation management from the start up through day-to-day management in facility operation.

  • Operation Audits.
  • Facility programming.
  • Operational planning.
  • Training programs.
  • Sports and leisure activities and services.
  • Swimming pool efficiency management.
  • Water treatment management

05. We develop sports facilities designs tailored to your specifications

BGSM is formed by a community of expert professionals and companies covering the full range of services and products within the sports sector.
We offer solutions tailored to your needs.

Energy efficiency

BGSM has a strong commitment towards the environment, energy efficiency and sustainable development.

BGSM has a strong commitment towards the sustainability and the environment. The projects are design and thought to be constructed sustainable, assessing the impact of the edification process within the environmental aspects such as water consumption, electricity, gas, waste management and CO2 emission. This will have a direct influence in cost saving and a sustainable development.


Among our projects include:


Worldwide presence. More than 100 projects in 5 continents.



more than a city

Since the 1992 Olympics, Barcelona has become a worldwide reference and a city model to follow in the organisation of prestigious international sports events. Since the 90s, Barcelona heavily invested in improving its sports facilities and has created public-private management systems that enable our athletes to gain international success in a large number of disciplines.